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the beltway. greenbelt, college park, into silver spring. to a study to increase volume at new hampshire ave. that underpass is new hampshire avenue toward delphi. 395 north bound, left side of the screen is northbound leaving the beltway toward the pentagon. that looks great at edsall road. back to you. >> thank you. >>> wednesday morning, 50 degrees. >> an item that is in just about everyone medicine cabinet, but the government is considering whether it should be harder to purchase. we will explain. >> in 1987 and west virginia town erupted after an aids patient and jumped into a community swimming pool. 23 years later, oprah goes back to find out if attitudes have changed. if today at 4:00 on abc 7. >>> we have an update to the breaking news. prince george's county swat teams and police are negotiating with an armed man possibly holding a woman hostage. if this is taking place along the 8600 block of richborogh rd . in forestville. a resident david allen and made the call. it is a possible domestic situation. continue falling this. about the the leading medical groups say that preg
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big and unexpected news from new hampshire coming up. along with "washington post's" ezra kline. he same, consider th: a tornado hits, air life denver takes off... their night-vision goggles keeping the rescue mission safe... and powering those goggles-- the only battery air life trusts: duracell. trusted everywhere. ♪ well, it feels so good [ female announcer ] new charmin ultra soft has an ultra-cushiony design that's soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. new charmin ultra soft. >>> tonight's election's results will be viewed as a victory for the far right themselves continue to romp over the establishment gop candidates in the republican primaries. do you want to know who else it is a victory for? for and planned parenthood and emily's list and the progressive change campaign committee. in a much more low profile way, those lefty groups were busy challenging establishment candidates this year, too. and tonight they appear to have won big in new hampshire. where the liberal challenger, ann mclean kuster appears to have
's elections. tonight's the night we learn the final matchups. with news from new york, new hampshire, delaware, maryland, massachusetts, rhode island, wisconsin, and the district of columbia. will insurgent conservative movement candidates keep picking off the republican establishment? will the sharron angle and rand pauls of this election year have more company as candidates no one can quite believe keep winning major party nominations for major political office. >> you can't masturbate without lust. >> oh dear. tonight's results from the delaware senate primary with keith olbermann, chris matthews and lawrence o'donnell, made silver about the stats of what is likely to happen next in november. it's all ahead in this tonight's primary hour of "the rachel maddow show." thank you for joining us tonight. and welcome to the last major night of primaries before this year's midterm elections. it is now 9:00 p.m. on the east coast, which means that polls have officially closed in the seven states across the country, holding elections tonight. plus the district of columbia. we are keeping an eye on a
in new hampshire on stage today. a one-time republican presidential candidate who may be testing the waters again. our political producer peter hamby is watching from washington. good to see you. we're talking about mitt romney. what's he up to? is he sticking his toe in the water, putting his whole foot in, diving, what is he doing? >> i'd say his whole foot is in. it might be an understatement to say he's testing the waters. romney has to be considered the front-runner for the nomination if you look at poll numbers. he's in new hampshire. if you look at the early nominating calendar, if he does run for president, iowa, he lost there last time, he has problems there among social conservatives, south carolina he lost there last time, same problems. new hampshire is a place where he owns property. he's known there, because he's run for president and has been the governor of massachusetts. this is his beachhead, has he to win here in 2012 if he's going to find a path to the nomination. he's there today. he gave a big speech talking to the activists volunteers, consultants, money me
.m. eastern here on c-span. next, the new hampshire senate republican primary debate. you'll hear from four candidates running to replace the retiring senator judd gregg. the state's primary is a timber 14. republican primary winner will face paul hodes. this debate was hosted by the new hampshire institute of politics at st. anselm college and was sponsored by wmur tv. >> this is a commitment 2010 special. wmur news 9 presents the granite state debate. tonight, the republican candidates for senate. >> appearing at tonight's debate was kelly ayotte, a prosecutor and former state attorney general, also jim bender, a career businessman, william binnie, a businessman, adennis lemayor, and ovide lamontagne, former chair of the state board of education. now, the granite state debate. [applause] >> good evening, everyone. welcome to the third night of our debates here at the new hampshire institute of politics at st. anselm college. will be tackling the major issues in the senate race. the candidates include jim bender, ovide lamontagne, jim bender, and kelly ayotte. we will ask you to welcome th
about delaware, but also new hampshire's race, too close to call, as chuck just mentioned. i had a white house official argue to me today, don't just say this is anti-incumbent that's going on across the board, it's really anti-incumbent sentiment going on within the republican primaries. >> i think that there is some truth to that, savannah. you look, there really does seem to be a purge that's being conducted within the republican party. it's actually something that dates back to last year. remember when arlen specter defected to the democratic party, and in the spring, charlie crist had to quit the florida senate republican primary. we saw bob bennett lose in utah. a lot of this is occurring on the republican side. now, there have been some democratic incumbents who have lost their primaries for re-election. we saw alan mull hahn in west virginia, carolyn kilpatrick lose. but those had to do more with ethical issues than ideological issues, but what really playing out on the republican side is almost a purge where ideological purity is more important, necessarily, than maybe winning.
? democrats say no way. a lot of republicans doubt it. the general election starts tomorrow. the new hampshire primary, kelly ayotte, ovide lamontagne. she was the favorite. he is winning in the moment. another message to the establishment, 42% for lamontagne. this is not over yet. big cities to come in. a lot of conservatives say her support for sonia sotomayor could be a reason her conservative challenger is out pacing her. charlie rangel, 20-team house democrat. he had five challengers. this crowded field could be a factor in the results. let's look at the early numbers. charlie rangel facing ethics charges, his lead challenger adam clayton powell iv 24%. the crowded field could be a factor. we'll keep an eye on that. the 15th district. this could be another stunner. the new york primary for governor. rick laszio was considered the favorite, tea party candidate karl palladino. you might get a gasp. 67% for the tea party's carl palladino, 33% for rick lazio. this is holding up. karl paladino saying this is an establishment republican. we need a break in the party. the d.c. mayoral race. no r
results to bring you at this hour. in the great state of new hampshire, another tea party backed candidate, ovide la montagne. he now leads kelly ayotte to fill the seat of retiring senator judd gregg. with 21% of precincts in, he is leading ms. ayotte 43% to 37%. although he is seen as the outsider favorite, you should know it was miss ayotte who received the backing of sarah palin. he is ahead of her 43-37%. another inassistance of an outsider conservative candidate leading the republican establish choice. in the state of new york, embattled democratic congressman charlie rangel trying to hold on to his house seat going for a 21st term in congress. even as he faces an ethics trial in the house of representatives. charlie rangel is facing five democratic challengers for his seat. he leads them all with 19% of precincts reporting. charlie rangel, 48% of the vote. his nearest challenger adam clayton powell iv with 24% of the vote. new york is the scene of another shocker tonight. this one coming in the republican race for governor. the associated press is now reporting that carl pal dino ha
. it is an accident investigation. new hampshire avenue and missouri avenue the area will be closed for a while this morning. if you want to get it take south capitol to ring ham street to get to new hampshire avenue. the outer loop in maryland things are looking good 95 to 270. no issues to report. and then going back to the traffics, route 4, route 5, 301, no word of any problems out there this morning. very light out there, as well. going to the beltway in virginia, inarea and outer loop, everything is looking good between the american legion and the wilson bridges. and check out 95 northbound in virginia. you can see if you are coming up from dumfries to the prince william parkway here to the mixing bowl, no problems and everything is clear and good. angie? >> thank you. >>> in the health alert, when it comes to getting a colonoscope pi, you may want to have a castro interrologist perform the procedure. research shows that older adults that see a family doctor or internist are more likely to need the procedure within a year than compared with patients that have gone to a gastroenterologist
the g.o.p. machine. >> bret: campaign carl in wilmington tonight. thanks. new hampshire republicans will also pick a senate nominee tuesday from a crowded and a cantankerous field. and molly line with the nasty game they're playing. >> in the waning hours of the new hampshire g.o.p. senate campaign. the attorney general is a clear front runner, a tough spot in the tough race. >> she's an insider. >> businessman is spending his fortune slamming her in a series of brutal negative ads despite calls from state g.o.p. leaders for civility. >> it's tough, i make no bones about it. i'm up for it and built my own business and it hasn't always been easy and i understand that, too. i think what we've got to do is engage and add our voice to see if we can't make a difference in the political campaign. >> she's not backing down. >> bill binnie attacks kelly ayotte. gambling that voters won't be turned off by the battle. she stops by a hall to shake hands. >> i knew what i was getting into. i'd never run for office and i know washington it will be tough as well. >> meanwhile, he bills himself as
primaries today. what used to be the final policemen faprelim fair preliminaries, new hampshire, delaware, john king's got an early look at the results. john? >> beginning in delaware, a big tea party upset there, and we're watching, there could be more in the works tonight. christine o'donnell, written off as a fringe tea party candidate, she is your winner tonight for the republican nomination in the state of delaware, and she won convincingly, dae feating a man who won 12 times in delaware, mike castle. only 47% for the establishment candidate, mike cattlstle. christine o'donnell, 53% of the vote, now the republican nominee. tonight, anderson, national republicans tepid about this. democrats say she's out of the mainstream. she will be the tea party and republican candidate in november. a potential upset as well brewing in the state of new hampshire. former attorney general kelly ayotte, and ovide lamontagne, he has the backing of some tea party elements. let's break down the numbers, this count is starting to increase. we're now up to 19%, lamontagne has been holding this percentage l
in delaware, new hampshire and new york, they were not blowing kisses at barack obama. of all the surprises and primary elections, nothing tops what happened tonight. this, the last major primary night, has produced the most stunning upset of the year. a lot of examples yet of anti-washington and anti-establishment fever that has gripped much of this republican party. in the state of delaware, christine o'donnell, who just a week ago was considered more than an obscure party shocked the republican political establishment by beating mike castle. 100% of the precincts. 53% of the vote. until perhaps a day or two ago, republicans have every reason to assume that castle would win the nomination and cruise to victory. that would have given the gop a pickup of the same recently held by joe biden. all bets are off. in new hampshire and, leading former state attorney general kelly. a race that has been getting closer by the minute with 35% reporting now lafontaine has 40%. 48% of the front runner before tonight. in new hampshire, the establishment candidate in this case. in top senate races by the
to baltimore, all clear. traffic moving at speed here on the beltway at new hampshire avenue. more to come in traffic in just a little while. now to alison starling. >> lisa baden, thank you very much. >>> a traffic alert for drivers in virginia. major changes will take effect at one of the busiest sberks in ties -- sberks in -- intersections in tysons corner. natasha barrett is waiting to update us. >> there are a lot of changes going on here. i drive through this area a lot. i went to the redskins game, and i saw the big sign, and i thought, what's going on here? we're talking about the area near international drive in tysons corner. this area has been under construction for so long, we have all been dealing with it. here's another change. it basically affects the ramp off camebridge road. route 123, going in the direction of reston and wolf trap, that's shut down. the new exit is off 123 to the frontage road. this is because of the ongoing issues of building the metro out here in the depul dulles area. get this -- it started friday night. you will notice the change come -- this morning
the next next election, concord, new hampshire, mitt romney is going to be addressing the public. we're hoping he's going to speak at any moment, but is this the presidential campaign now getting under way for 2012? >> yeah. the presidential campaign for us geeks and those in washington has been getting under way for the last year. new hampshire is a huge state for mitt romney if and when he does decide to run for president. he lost iowa last time. he lost new hampshire last time. he lost south carolina. those are crucial nominating states. again, he's got problems in iowa if he decides to run again along social conservatives. new hampshire, he has property there. so this is a state he needs to win. and today's speech gives him a chance to remind activists and consultants and donors in that state just the kind of candidate that he is. >> i don't want to get too far ahead of the game but is he the same candidate he was in 2008? does he still have the same problems that he had then? >> i think what you're going to see in 2012 with mitt romney, he's been through the gauntlet in 2008. yo
with 23,000 screaming fans. >> at the new hampshire institute of politics we met someone who says gave you a shout-out. >> a lot of vanderbilt fans. secondly, seriously, wow, let's give them love, the jets. >> oh, the jets, yes. >> the jets deserve some love as well. >> they changed the way they play, started throwing the ball. sanchez looked great all of the sudden. >> it's great. stop talking and afterwards you see the press conference with rex. they're going to do a video called the super bowl shuffle. they're going to film it tomorrow. it's going to be out -- they're actually recruited the fridge. >> i love the refrigerator. >> my mom loved the refrigerator. >> i will repeat it again. i love the jets. i don't like how many they've been yacking their mouths. >> i don't want to say the new york crowd is fickle. they're for real. they had them left for dead last week. >> we just wish they'd shut up. so donovan mcnabb is 2-0 and the cowboys are 0-2. >> no, they lost. >> i said donovan mcnabb plays for a team called the washington redskins. they're 2-0. >> no, they lost. dude, are you serio
, including another wayne for a palin-backed candidate this one in new hampshire. plus, i'm still stuck in the old tv news convention of wearing pants on the air. no such inhibition for this newsman in slovenia. we'll have the latest pantsless headlines in just a few minutes. first the news live at 5:30 a.m. here in the nation's capital of washington. >>> establishment republicans are now starting to pledge their support for christine o'donnell's general election campaign in delaware. after initially turning their backs on the tea party candidate. following her win at senate primary tuesday, senate republicans said she would not be getting much help from them. but yesterday, national republican senatorial committee chair, john cornyn said in a written statement that o'donnell would have the support of the nrsc, as well as the maximum $42,000 donation from that organization. republican national committee chairman michael steele who yesterday kicked off his fire pelosi bus tour in virginia told republicans it's time to rally behind christine o'donnell. >> i don't know if she can win until
, that's new hampshire's senate primary. ovide lamontagne is in a battle with kelly ayotte. ayotte once had the clear advantage. but now she appears to be facing some stiff competition from lamontagne. although ayotte has the blessing of palin. >>> and for the democrats, new york representative charles rangel certainly has his work cut out for him. he is not only been plagued by a cloud of house ethic charges, today he faces five challengers, although, he does have the advantage of a large campaign purse. >>> in other news -- with investigators still trying to figure out why a gas pipeline exploded in san bruno, california, last week, industry watchdogs are raising the alarm that there are literally thousands of pipelines, just like the one that exploded nationwide. aging piping is the problem. the one that exploded in san bruno, killing four and leaving four others missing was more than 50 years old. critics say utilities aren't willing to spend the money necessarily to avoid disasters like the one in san bruno. the cost to replace lengthy stretches of pipe can exceed $30 million. mean
on the outer loop at new hampshire avenue. we will take a live shot from sky 9. the good news is in the last three minutes or so everything has been pushed to the right shoulder. we have all lanes creeping by each that's what they are doing. going slow around route 1 college park and then once you pass the scene you are putting on the brakes again approaching georgia avenue. no fun on the outer loop as we get closer to that 7:00 hour. move over to the maps and focus on another problem we have been watching since early on. this is a matter main break on silver hill road heading eastbound at silver park drive it continues to take away two lanes for drivers. back outside, 395, we saw yellow there. that's because we are below speed. from the beltway to seminary and of course from the pentagon and the 84th street bridge. to wrap it up, we give you the inner loop in virginia. look like the delay is building between braddock road up to 50. back to you. >>> our time is 6:49. >>> the deadly natural gas pipeline explosion near san francisco, california, has lawmakers taking action. a house committee i
neck and neck in new hampshire. there are big questions this morning about the gop's chances of overtaking the senate come november. good morning to you. >> good morning, terrell. last night was the last chance for the tea party to show strength ahead of midterm elections. once again, they proved they do have political muscle. the tea party express is on a roll. >> don't ever underestimate the power of we, the people. >> reporter: last night in a stunning upset, tea party favorite christine o'donnell knocked the nine-term republican congressman out of delaware's senate race. >> we need citizen politicians in dover and in washington, d.c., to get our state and our country back on track. >> reporter: in new hampshire's republican senate primary tea party favorites -- were neck and neck all night long. they scored another victory in new york's republican gubernatorial race, political newcomer, carl paladino beat the established choice, former congressman rick lazio. while tea party victories have been a story this season, analysts wonder if the candidates will be too extreme for
have an unresolved race. we might have resolution now? >> plab. here's what's going on in new hampshire. the race you were talking about earlier. kelly ayotte, the establishment candidate up there new hampshire on the republican side for the senate nomination. ovide lafontaine, basically deadlock deadlocked. certified, ayotte the winner. ahead right now t.j. by 1,667 votes. but wait, there's more. lamontagne has until 5:00 today to contest this because it's such a close margin. jut got off the phone with lamontagne's campaign adviser. learned of the news and told me, stay tuned. >> ah what you mean by maybe. we have some resolution maybe. >> quickly, t.j., one interesting thing here, sarah palin weighed in on this race but endorsed and supported ayotte. establishment pick. no lafontaine. >> appreciate you. another 2 1/2, 3 1/2 hours before he has to possibly give an answer whether or not he'll challenge. wouldn't be an election if we didn't have an election, recount -- don't want to get ahead of myself. we'll check in with you again. thanks, paul. no doubt what republicans hoped to do i
backed by a conservative tea party candidate, beating the congressman. and new hampshire another state tea party is in the lead. and joining us from this shock result in delaware. >> that's right, christine o'donnell had been written off and dismissed in her state of delaware. but pulled off this shock result, beating mike castle, a long-standing republican in that state. and the republican hierarchy had campaigned against her, and this is a victory for the tea party movement. a victory of the people. and it's a part of a wider emerging picture here tonight. we had similar results in the new york government primary where a tea party candidate won. and in new hampshire it looks like a similar result there. >> what sort of tea party movement will this have on the other parties? >> the republicans here is a resurgency and to see against big government and high taxes and deficit spending. and strongly against obama's health care plan. and that can be a problem for republican strategists and those held by democrats and they need broader candidates to appear broadly. and the fear is that the
to electing christine the next senator from the state of delaware. >> reporter: in new hampshire, the tight senate gop primary wasn't over until this afternoon. endorsed by sarah palin and party officials narrowly overcame a more conservative activist. and new hampshire's democrat is race is an incumbent. because her win was so unexpected and she's never held office before, so many of her public views and comments and positions are just being fully vetted now. brian? >> kelly o'donnell starting us off from wilmington tonight. kelly, thanks. >>> a few other big races to note here. here in new york state, another win for tea party supporters, carl paladino from buffalo, defeated rick lazio in the republican gubernatorial primary. also here in new york, charlie rangel won renomination to congress in his harlem district despite recent ethics problems. and in washington, d.c., voters have fired their mayor, adrian fenty, who has held that job for just three years. while it was just a city mayor's race, that washington election result last night was heard across the country by those who follow ed
in the gop race in new hampshire. >>> overseas now, a young american woman stepped off a plain in oman today and, quote, i've been waiting for this moment for a really long time," her name is sarah shourd, one of three american hikers detained by iran for over a year now. they say they were hiking when they allegedly strayed into iranian territory. iran accused them of spying. nic robertson is in oman tonight. nic, she flew today to -- from iran to oman. iranian media say she was released on bail because of her medical condition. what kind of shape was she when she arrived? >> reporter: she seemed pretty tired, quite emotional when you listened to her speak. huge hugs and kisses with her mother and uncle on the tarmac after she got off the 2 1/2 hour flight, her mother pulled her scarf over her hair, but walking arm in arm, mother clearly relieved, she had a lot to say when she met the press here in oman saying she wanted to thank the sultan of oman and thank many other people, including the president of iran. >> i want to really offer my thanks to everyone in the world, all of the governmen
with tuesday, don. seven states and the district of columbia are all holding primaries. in new hampshire and delaware a divisive contest. here in washington, d.c., adriaa fentey up agast the wall as well. up in new york city, you have charlie rangel as well in a tough re-election as well. the embattled congressman from harlem. let's move on to wednesday. the reblican national committee, don, kicks off a 48-state election tour, all the way up to election day. they're trying to rally the troops heading into november. and into friday, social conservatives come to washington, d.c., don, for the value voters summit. they want to hear from mitt romney, mike hukabee and mike pence. >> who's going to in iowa this friday? >> you know who'sot going to be here for the values voters summit is sarah palin. but she's headed to iowa. she's going to keynote a very big fundraising dinner out there. foray all the naysayers who say sarah palin isn't looking at 2012, run for possible presidential nomination, she's headed to iowa. >> for the very latest on what' on our ticker, go to thank y
by unprecedented numbers. >> in new hampshire there was a senate race neck-and-neck. in new york's governor's race , paladino beat the party- backed candidate. >> the nation is mad as hell. >> charles rangel won easily despite 13 ethics charges pending. he plans to return to capitol hill stronger than ever. i am emily schmidt in washington. >> checking some other stories. an international student hit by a car outside the northwest d.c. restaurant last week has died. 26-year-old julie bachleitner died yesterday. your friend is injured. the driver is charged with assault and dui. >>> a study calls for 1,600 miles of toll lanes in our area. the report suggests adding turrell to the beltway, 66, 95, 270, ander bw parkway. the council of governments will present the report to the d.c. planning boards today. >>> bus drivers in prince george's county are resuming their strike today. talks broke down yesterday over several issues including of insurance coverage. the company brought in replacement drivers. half of the bus routes had some service yesterday as a result. >>> metro is investigating a communica
, the swan, was home from the university of new hampshire. seth cravens e-mailed his friends, tonight we rage. swan on the plane home. it will get nasty. >> the vibe became very uneasy when they walked in there. >> reporter: in the bar? >> yeah, definitely. they're walking in like ready to start trouble. >> reporter: but jenny and seth had always been friendly if not exactly friends. >> seth comes up to me and i give him a hug, he said, oh, i smoked seven blunts today. i was like, oh, wonderful, seth, that's -- you know, that's great. but he was nice to me and him and emery exchanged probably like a handshake or a high five or whatever. but there was no tension. it was fine. >> reporter: emery spent a few moments with eric house, one of the bandits. their meeting captured here on camera. then, as the clock ticked to its awful climax, the booze bit by bit stripped away the tenuous civility. tongues slurred, balance slipped, noise ruled. >> bird rock! >> [ bleep ] >> brb! >> the bandits! >> reporter: and then, it was just a garden variety mishap really, but it was enough. though still no one un
through what we're watching. let's start with new hampshire. another republican senate primary with a little bit of establishment versus conservative aspect to it. tell us about it. >> exactly, chuck. in new hampshire and the republican race to replace senator judd gregg of new hampshire, kelly is the establishment backed candidate by folks who see her as the more electable and stronger candidate. but all of a sudden conservative has been making up ground and people are watching him. there's other names in the race as well. it's a crowded field. we'll be watching the races to see who will take on the democratic nominee. >> in new york the primary we're watching closest is probably the one that features charlie rangel trying to see if those ethics charges are going to cost him the democratic nomination against a family that he one time defeated. what do we know there? >> correct. charlie rangel is considered the front runner but as we've seen in races that have involved candidates who have some ethical questions or ethical clouds hanging over them, sometimes they lose in primari
biden heads up to new hampshire. he's going to be doing some campaigning on behalf of carol shea-porter. she's a congresswoman trying to seek re-election, as well as paul hose, the democrat who's trying to win back the senate seat in new hampshire that currently is held by a republican. also, haley barbour is going to be in new hampshire. he's the mississippi governor. he heads up the rga, the republican governors association. he's up there doing a fundraiser on behalf of john stephen. he's the gop nominee who's trying to take on john lynch, the incumbent democratic governor. going on to tuesday, president obama holds the first of four major rallies heading into election day. this one's going to be in madison, wisconsin. why is this important? because russ feingold, elected in 1992, is up again the ropes. republicans think they can take back the seat. public polling shows right now it is a very, very tight race. president obama is trying to rally the troops. not only in wisconsin but across the country. he's trying to get those voters who came out for him in 2008 to come out for
address at the new hampshire republican party at the state convention. they hold the first presidential primary, which is still 16 months away. romney is the first of three potential republican candidates targeting new hampshire. former mississippi governor hailey barber who is a republican chairman and fund-raiser with john stephen and former minnesota governor tim pawlenty will be there thursday campaigning for stephen. they all point to a dramatic shift. republicans could take control of the house. maybe the senate as well. that's fueling the drive toward the change. here is brian todd with the report. >> reporter: it looks like a brawl in taiwan's parliament. this was in suburban las vegas after heckling got to a boil. supporters of sharron angle and backers of harry reid hauled off and hit each other. an isolated incident? what do you make of this? >> it's happening audiotape over the country. it's been happening for more than a year. people are upset with politics and the fact that washington hasn't fixed anything. >> they say when so many americans have friends and relatives that
is a hate monger and a racist. host: audrey, portsmouth, new hampshire, democrat. caller: peter, i have not spoken to you since i told you about the chinese food on christmas, remember? host: chinese food on christmas? caller: well, i'm jewish. host: ok. [laughter] caller: years ago, i do not think we would be discussing someone like sarah palin. anyone can posed some the on the internet and i think that has changed the whole voting process. i'm really concerned about the future of this country and the people that they are letting influence them. host: but audrey, sarah palin, you have got to admit, she is a phenomenon. caller: i think she has a shrill voice and after i speak to you i'm going to put house and garden on. host: because you do not want to hear anymore about her? caller: no. host: two things very quickly -- are you ready for a girl to come visit new hampshire? caller: -- are you ready for hurricane earl to come visit new hampshire? caller: i'm not worried about burlakoearl. host: and are you ready for the primary? caller: i have a feeling about it and i have a feeling is go
not want to jump ahead to new hampshire, but two gop senate fights. of the new hampshire race obviously is not decided but the palin-backed candidate is ahead as well. i tell you what, this delaware race, crazy the way things played out last week. i talked to some folks, gop, insider types, there was very little momentum even after the tea party express showed up, i think that was tuesday or wednesday, and by late thursday and friday, sarah palin had jumped in, jim demint, senate conservatives fund jumped in, and there was an incredible wave of momentum that built and it really turned the tide. how much was sarah palin responsible for that? talk to say. but certainly she had an impact. host: steve peoples is our guest for the next 25 minutes. of course, we want to see your reactions. as soon as your phone calls, and we will get your reaction. let us talk a little bit morning about the comet and "the washington post" about last night's victory in delaware for the tea party express. she says it spells trouble. steve peoples? guest: i agree. we really see a battle -- it sounds dramatic --
hampshire there was a senate race neck and neck. the new york governor's race, carl palodino won. >> new yorkers are as mad as hell. >> a nationwide voter refrain. >> the career politicians need to go. >> and american university study of this year's primary races shows 4 million more americans have voted democrat. new york congressman charlie rangel won easily despite 13 ethics charges against him. he says he's returning to capitol hill stronger than ever. i am emily schmidt in washington. >> stay with us all morning for your latest election coverage. >> bus drivers interest george's county are still on strike. they walked off the job monday. the talks broke down yesterday over several issues including health insurance coverage. half of the bus routes had some service yesterday after the company brought in replacement drivers. >>> metro is investigating a communications failure that happened after escalators broke down. altria escalators at the wheaton station stopped working monday evening. metro closed the station. but then a train stopped there and passengers got off. metro is trying
massachusetts governor in new hampshire firing up the republican base. the former presidential candidate is on a mission. mitt romney after the break, his conservative message, strong words for the obama administration and how he's beefing up the republican war chest. >>> still not official if former presidential candidate mitt romney is going to give it another run in 2012, but, boy, it sounded a lot like it in new hampshire yesterday. the former massachusetts governor took center stage at the republican party state convention, sounding the call to bring republican values back to washington. pumping up the rhetoric against the white house and saying the president and his administration simply don't get it. >> we had the government declare war before, declare war on poverty, declare war on drugs. this is the first time i can recall the government declaring war on private enterprise, and that's why our economy didn't get going, and we're going to change that this november. >> romney's political action committee has endorsed, or donated money to fellow republicans running for office this y
, d.c. paul, delaware and, let's say, new hampshire top our list because of what we like to call the tea party factor. >> reporter: you are absolutely right. this last big round of primaries this year, and you've got that kind of crisis going on there on the republican side in the primaries. tea party backed candidates and conservative candidates taking on and gaining strength at the expense of the mainstream republican candidates. long-time did republican candidate mike castle is being challenged by christine o'donnell, backed by the tea party express is gaining strength. this could come down to the wire. this would be a huge victory for the tea party if she wins. in new hampshire, something similar as well. you have the former attorney general up there of new hampshire, kelly ayotte, backed by the establishment republicans, but a guy called oh vid lamontagne, run before up there, he is a conservative and outsider. he is gaining strength. if he wins, another big victory for the tea party movement. also in new york, rick lazie is running to government but another guy is gaining s
massachusetts governor mitt romney speaks to new hampshire republicans. at 11:00 p.m., pulitzer prize- winning author isabella wilkerson. the national commission on monday and bp deepwater horizon oil spill meets again tomorrow to hear testimony -- the national commission on in the bp deepwater horizon oil spill meets again tomorrow to hear testimony. live coverage starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span-2. >> next weekend, explore the reality behind science fiction, the vision of einstein, and the fundamental forces of the universe. the author has written more than half a dozen books, including his latest, a physics of the impossible. we will take your calls and e- mails alive next sunday at noon eastern. >> newt gingrich was first elected to the u.s. house of representatives in 1978 and served as speaker of the house from 1995-1999. since leaving congress, he has written more than 20 books and is an analyst on the fox news channel. our conversation with them includes his early years in politics, his relationship with president clinton, his views on obama, his conversion to catholicism, and his
season where anything goes. >> in new hampshire, there were still counting ballots this morning. the republican with a 1% of lead is already looking ahead. >> let's not lose sight of what matters the most. >> in new york, carl paladino overcame his challenger's 40- point lead to become the republican candidate for governor. >> if we have learned anything tonight it is dead new yorkers are mad as hell. he will take on an to cuomo. also, charlie rangel beat democrats and ethics charges to stay in washington. >> no matter what they say, i grow back -- i go back to washington stronger than i have ever been. >> democrats are hoping to hold onto their majority. tracy pockets, wbal 11 news. >> for up-to-the-minute results, this will have continuing coverage tonight. in other news, more with mr. -- testimony expected in the second full day of ken harris -- ken harris'murder trial. yes, we heard from the owner of the new haven lounge, keith covington, who said he heard a single shot and did not know ken harris had been shot until police arrived. the testimony is said to be a
races last night. republican senate primary in new hampshire. kelly ayotte won narrowly over ovide lamontagne. love the name. she has the backing of sarah palin and he was according to the tea party. fr fred, what is significance of that race? >> any of the candidates running on the republican side will probably win. kelly ayotte, the state attorney general is probably the best candidate. there was a third guy in the race, bill benny who spent $5 million and got 12%. this is going to be republican seat. they'll be holding one of their own. it's going to win. ovide, great name, i agree, he probably would have won, too. >> chris: this is a victory relatively speaking for the establishment republicans over the outsider republicans in new hampshire, correct? >> yes, in this case, she was certainly supported by sarah palin, but also by the establishment. unless something crazy happens they expect it to stay in republican hands. certainly, the tea party is certainly a force to be reckoned with. they are playing in the races. i think anyone who underestimated them should rethink it. >> ta
. >> glenn: 1770, tell me. >> 1768. chestwell, new hampshire elected to office in new hampshire and elected the next 49 years and held eight political positions and a really cool story about him we all know that paul revere made his midnight ride and we know he wasn't the only guy riding that night. the other guy riding, norman chessle, black and white. >> glenn: how was it possible? did you know that we had an african-american ride to say the british are coming, the british are coming. amy did. anybody else besides amy know that? two, three, okay, three people in the audience. >> he was such a great guy and we never hear about him because he rode north and paul revere road west and revere was going after reverend jonas clarks church and that's where hancock and adams were and we had blacks and whites on the ground after that battle and chessle rode north telling the british are coming and from the north that everybody came to boston to take on at bunker hill. we don't hear about the ride the british went west and that's where the action happened, but a couple of days later when caught peop
party favorite conservative candidate in j.d. hayworth. then kelly who won in new hampshire. she was the preferred choice there, but the going rogue candidate christina o'donnell has rosen onto the national stage, she's very conservative and democrats think they have a real chance to keep this seat in delaware now because she's far more conservative than the establishment moderate candidate who lost. >> okay. primaries are one thing, conservative voters are enthusiastic ahead of the midterms, be new a presidential election it all comes down to the independent vote. that's where it comes down to. what does it say about the prospects of a tea party candidate in 2012? >> all the primaries this year are shaking things up. far, far away a lot of the candidates like mitt romney who have been quietly laying the groundwork with more traditional visits to iowa and new hampshire and south carolina over the last year and are going to continue to do that. it is hard for them to get as much attention as sarah palin. this was the most attendance for the dinner in iowa she was at than they have
tonight, what are we going to do? which brings me to the state of new hampshire. ann mclean custer, she smoked blue dog joe lieberman sweat by 42 points for the democratic nomination for new hampshire's second congressional district. now, you might be thinking that's not a real big deal. yes, it is. amazing progressive grass roots support put custer right over the top in the progressive change campaign committee poured in over $100,000 on her campaign. she's a lefty, using $3 donations, and $5 donations. where did i hear that before? because progressive support custer has outraised her republican challenger 3-1. don't tell me it can't happen. it can happen. this is the model that the democrats need to focus on. i don't care what their team does over there. in the long run, they're losers if we do what we have to do. we have to stay energized, and that's what this march is all about on october 2nd, to get some confidence in our tackle box, so to speak. we're six weeks away from what is going to be a very powerful moment in american history. are we going to stay the course or are we going
of those republican establishment candidates, like in delaware and new hampshire, whether they will be knocked out by tea party favorites. that's one of the big stories we're following. also the president delivering a big speech on education, then some other headlines across the country. let's get to those now. first, fire crews have finally contained a wildfire in the colorado foothills that damaged or destroyed over 100 structures. crews in loveland, colorado are still starting a fire that started sunday. it's 25% contained. hurricane igor is a category 4 storm, tracking west but expected to steer clear of the eastern seaboard. meteorologists are monitoring the storm. hurricane julia is also expected to stay's of the atlantic coast. >>> and pop star george michael sentenced to eight weeks in jail. he pled guilty to driving under the influence and drug possession charges stemming from a july 4th car accident. >>> and three states are reporting superbug cases, that's a new gene with a bacteria resistant to nearly all antibiotics. all of the patients with cases of this drug
party movement with christine o'donnell winning. >>> we take a look at interstate 495 near new hampshire avenue this morning. julie will have the latest on traffic. [ female announcer ] this morning, the best part of wakin' up is aroma so rich and enticing, flavor so smooth that it could only be special roast. from folgers. with the best decongestant. my choice is clear. claritin-d. nothing works stronger, faster or longer for allergy congestion relief without drowsiness. get claritin-d at the pharmacy counter. live claritin clear. >>> we check in with tony for the forecast. >> it will albright find day today. did you like yesterday. >> loved it. >> i think it was okay. >> it was a little breezy at time and a few pore clouds moved through during the afternoon than i thought would. but today will be sun junior and less breezy. it will -- but today will be sunnier and less breezy. it will be an improvement. we made it into the 80s yesterday as expected. reagan national actually got a couple of degrees warm he than i thought it would, 84 degrees at reagan national. 81 at dulles internationa
and it might have backfired on him. >> what was the choice in new hampshire? what has gone on in new hampshire? >> well, in new hampshire you have a fascinating situation where sarah palin endorsed the woman candidate, kelly iat, but the manchester union leader and jim demint went with the local guy from manchester. i'm going to have to read his name. ovid la montagne. the union leader has tremendous clout in new hampshire. and they went with la montagne. and they backed him all the way. and they and demint are probably going to take her down
stature in the republican party and she faced a tough contest in new hampshire and the expectation is that she might be able to pull it off, but it will be a narrow victory. chris? >> thank you so much. i want to bring in karen finny, former press secretary for hillary clinton and also ron christy who is a republican strategist and former assistant to former president bush. you have at least eight races where these establishment senate candidates have been in trouble and then you have some of these other races like for the republican nomination in new york, tea party candidates. what's going on with the republicans? >> good morning, chris. well, i think, frankly, norah o'donnell hit it on the head a couple minutes ago. people are angry as hell across the country. i traveled across several states and people are very upset with washington. let us not forget that the tea party stands for taxed enough already. i think people are very upset with the size of government and they're upset with the spending going on and upset with the direction that the country is heading in. >> the republi
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